MD201 V2 - Victoria, Australia

Lions Mints

One of the many fund raising ideas Werribee Lions have is selling the famous Lions Mints. Around the Wyndham area we have many Mint Stations where for 50 cents anyone can buy a packet of these specially made lollies. Each packet has 12 lollies in it.

There are many flavours like Fizzers, which as the name suggests fizze on your tongue. Other flavours we have in the range are spearmint, musk and peppermint.

All of the profit made from selling these lollies is put back into the community in projects that have been identified as needing assistance. This can be purchasing supplies to build a ramp for a person who needs wheelchair access to their house.

The shop or business where the mint station is located are not responsible for ensuring you pay for your purchase. It is a honour system where we hope people are honest about paying for their treat.

The Mints are made in Australia which again on a broad scale supports employees who make them.